All students are required to select only one elective course selected from three courses covering three themes, namely Entrepreneurship, Public Management, and Civil Society Management. Electives courses are taken after COMPLETION of Core courses.

The course will explore public management and the public’s interest in efficient public management and services as well as evidence based decision-making. The program will teach about conflict avoidance and resolution in a global context. 

The course will focus on exploring who entrepreneurs are, what they do and how they do it. The program will also highlight some attributes possessed by many entrepreneurs. The modules will explore how entrepreneurs recognize opportunities, formulate and implement plans to exploit those opportunities. Participants will be given the opportunity to link theory and practice by interacting with real-life entrepreneurs who will be featured through the modules. 

The course promotes discussion and the practical application of useful frameworks for human resource management, project planning and implementation, the development of strategies and community mobilization. The course will discuss Civil Society Leadership while focusing on social enterprises such as Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs).