Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I input my name into the application?

Ans. You should type your name exactly as it appears in your passport or other official government identification documents. For example, Richard’s passport says: NKRUMAH RICHARD AMOAKO. He should type “RICHARD AMOAKO” in the given names field and “NKRUMAH” in the surname field of the application.

Q. I am unable to move past the general information section. How do I apply?

Ans. Please review the eligibility requirements. The application will not let you proceed unless you meet all the general requirements.

Q. Can I submit a paper copy of my application?

Ans. No, you must submit your application through the online application system. Paper applications, or applications by email attachment, will not be accepted.

Q. I have multiple email addresses, including some for personal use and some for my work. Which one(s) should I use for my application?
Ans. You should use the email address (es) that you access most frequently and which can be accessed from any internet connection. Work email addresses that cannot be accessed outside your office are not recommended.

Q. I cannot afford to pay an application fee, how should I apply?

Ans. The application is free to all eligible applicants.

Q. I have a physical disability or special need and I need another person’s assistance to complete my application. Is this considered plagiarism?

Ans. Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Applicants with physical disabilities or special needs who require another person’s assistance to complete an application may do so. However, the thoughts, ideas, and content of their application must be their own; they cannot collaborate with the person assisting them on the content of their application.

Q. Who is eligible to apply?

Ans. Admission to the YALI Regional Leadership Center, West Africa – Accra is merit-based and open to young West African leaders who meet the following criteria:

  • Are 18 to 35 years of age at the time of application submission
  • Are citizens and residents of one of the following countries: Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, The Gambia, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Cameroon and Sierra Leone
  • Are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents of the U.S.
  • Are eligible to receive any necessary visa to Ghana
  • Are proficient in reading, writing, and speaking English

Q. What expenses are not covered by the program?

Ans. Expenses that are NOT covered by the program include: incidental expenses such as entertainment, alcoholic beverages, and internet fees that may be necessary for participation in the distance learning portion of the course

Q. Where is the YALI Regional Leadership Center West Africa located?

Ans. The YALI RLC, West Africa is located on the GIMPA campus.

Q. If I am selected, what does the program cost?

Ans. If you are selected to participate in the YALI Regional Leadership Center, West Africa – Accra program, all of the following expenses will be covered by the program:

  • Visa to Accra (if required)
  • Round-trip travel from your country of citizenship* to Accra, Ghana
  • Transportation to/from Kotoka International Airport to/from the YALI Regional Leadership Center, West Africa – Accra, for all non-Ghanaian participants
  • For Ghanaian, transportation to/from the YALI Regional Leadership Center, West Africa – Accra will be provided for from your location of residence
  • Customized academic and leadership course;
  • Accident and sickness benefit plan during the course
  • Housing and meals

* The Program will only cover your transportation costs to and from Ghana if you are residing within one of the countries served by the YALI Regional Leadership Center, West Africa – Accra. If you reside outside of the defined region, YALI will only pay the cost of transportation to/from Accra from your country of citizenship and you will be required to cover any additional costs