A group of students and faculty from Stockton University, led by Prof. Donnetrice Allison, professor and chair of Africana Studies, has visited the YALI Accra RLC. The delegation from the New Jersey-based university, were at the Center as part of a day’s partnership visit to the RLC’s implementing partner, Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).

The visiting team was taken on a tour of the Center and briefed on the activities of the Accra RLC. At the post-tour interaction, staff of the Center, led by Acting Project Director, Gabriel Tetteh Kwabla, presented an overview of the Center. Mr. Kwabla indicated that the Center, since its inception, has trained over 7,000 young Africans from nine countries within the sub region.

These Alumni have gone ahead to impact lives in their respective communities, organizations and countries across the world. The Accra RLC also partners some American-based institutions that have provided varied levels of support to the Center, especially in its digitization drive and improving facilitation of its curriculum and content.

  1. Prof. Donnetrice Allison (third left) introduces the students to the Accra RLC team

Prof. Christian Ehiobuche, Assistant Professor of Business Studies and Program Chair for MBA Health Administration and Leadership at Stockton University, encouraged staff of the Center to explore ways through which it could partner with Stockton University, especially in the area of health administration and leadership. Prof. Ehiobuche added that the university was in a position to partner with the Accra RLC in the area of health administration and leadership, where opportunities abound for possible partnerships for collaboration between the Center and Stockton University. According to the Program Chair for MBA Health Administration and Leadership at Stockton University, the university offers a wide range of summer programs which the Center could offer to its Alumni and participants working in the health administration and leadership space.

YALI Accra RLC is currently pursuing this proposed partnership with Stockton University to provide opportunities for its Alumni and participants while exploring new ways of enhancing its renowned and most preferred experiential training across the sub region.